Blog Reactivate!

I've been intending for quite a while now to set up a blog to use as a project log.  I had forgotten that I already had one set up here, from 3 years ago when I created the account and made just one post to the RepRap Builders blog.  So after going through a few 'upgrade' steps and messing with layouts a bit, I now have a blog ready to be used again.

I plan to use this space as a project log for all the various things I work on.  I like to create and build a wide variety of things, but I have a bad habit of starting many projects while finishing very few.  I hope that publishing my projects in progress will somehow encourage me to finish more of them.

The RepStrap that I posted about 3 years ago is an excellent example of a project started but never finished.  I had the 3-axis positioning system half done, and the extruder half done, but never got any farther than that.  Actually, that project ended up going backwards: I've moved a couple of times since then, and the MDF framework was demolished to save space.  I'm sort of resuming that project now in a less ambitious way: I recently ordered a MakerBot CupCake CNC Kit.

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