Blog re-activate!

I've never been an especially social person, and that is apparent in my use of social media. I've tried a couple times to get involved in the whole social media thing, but it's never lasted more than a few weeks.

I'm going to make another go at this and see if I can keep it up a little longer this time. I think that some of the projects that I choose to undertake would be of interest to other people. So perhaps if I make the effort to post some of the thing I'm doing, I'll get a few followers, and that will encourage me to keep up with the posting. We'll see if it works out this time.

I have three social media sites that I'll be using at this time:
1) This blog. Used to share things that are likely to interest other people. Longer posts taking some effort to compose will go here.
2) Google+ page. For quick things and things that are not as likely to be of interest to the world at large.
3) Youtube channel for videos. I'm a little conflicted about this one because much of the time I'd rather read a text post than watch a video. However, I've found that some Youtube channels with the right type of host are fun to watch. So I'll try posting a few videos and see what comes of it.

I'm also expanding the scope of the blog slightly. It was previously intended to be a project log for things like programming, electronics, physical things I built, etc. I'd like to now include some less concrete topics that I've developed an interest in.

Most of the topics that I've developed an interest in over the last few years are all different aspects of self reliance:
  • Home improvement and construction, including:
    • Alternate construction methods like earthbag building.
    • Water capture and reuse, graywater use and treatment.
    • Solar heating, solar power.
  • Gardening and aquaponics.
  • Financial independence (reference Mr Money Mustache, Early Retirement Extreme.)
I plan to have posts about these types of things, in addition to the technical projects that the blog originally covered.

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